SHOCKING!…Injustice in America is still a reality.
But, through it all, David E. Taylor has shown a heart of love…


Katie Frazier strongly believes her dad is behind the malicious, untrue attacks waged against God’s Apostle, David E. Taylor, because he’s African-American. Attacks Katie believes are resulting from her mother, Deborah, giving a large contribution to David E. Taylor’s ministry.


“I don’t know why she gave that money to a black man’s ministry,” Katie said she heard dad say.

As an outsider, David E. Taylor was summoned to testify in the Frazier’s divorce hearing about the contribution. Rick said he wanted his ex-wife’s money back and threatened David E. Taylor directly, telling him if he didn’t comply, he would make videos to destroy him through social media to ruin his reputation.

Since then, Apostle David E. Taylor has been publicly attacked by what’s commonly known today as “Internet trolls,” people who use the internet to give false information about others. They have gone to great lengths, even posting fake videos, blogs and other information. Why do you ask? Because the man of God innocently accepted a contribution to his ministry during the time of the Frazier’s divorce hearings.

It’s unbelievable even today, one can accomplish what he or she sets out to do so easily using social media. This is what they don’t want you to know that footage from the Frazier’s divorce hearing was manipulated. Particular questions were sliced and edited together in videos to make it look like David E. Taylor was mishandling ministry funds. These videos were sent throughout America to several media outlets, churches, and pastors, including one in Seattle, Washington who, herself, was threatened.

enemy sent this attack to try to hinder the momentum of God’s ministry and movement, Face to Face. If you believe in this cause for God’s Kingdom, please help by sharing this video and stand up with Apostle David E. Taylor as he carries out God’s vision of love through the world.

Stand up with Apostle David E. Taylor against racism!

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