Face to Face Appearances from Jesus: Ultimate Intimacy With God

Jesus Wants To Appear To You Face To Face

Throughout centuries, Jesus has been appearing to men on earth since His resurrection from the dead. Even after He rose from the dead He appeared to Mary Magdalene and to the other Mary after His resurrection (Matt 28:9). He appeared to the apostles and to five hundred men at one time. He also appeared to Paul as he gives an account in (1 Corinthians 15:4-8) how the Lord appeared to Him and others also that he mentions in this context. This is seen in his statement when he says, “And last of all He was seen of me”. You have to also understand that all of these appearances from Jesus to men that he mentions were post-resurrection. The Lord has been appearing to man throughout years and centuries. This is not a new thing that He started doing in our time. It’s new to us!
What if you could see Jesus face to face, in which He appears to you not only in a one time encounter but on a continual lifetime basis? Would you want this level of relationship with Him? What if I told you Jesus and God the Father Himself desires this kind of relationship with you more than you could ever realize? Would you believe it? Well, I am a living witness like 100’s of thousands of others with me whom the Lord has appeared to in this 21st century. But more than a one time appearance encounter I have had the opportunity to meet Jesus face to face, hundreds of times and to be toured around Heaven and Hell by Him. Beyond and above the excitement of having these dramatic trips to heaven and hell is this continual face to face appearance relationship that has continued to happen beyond these experiences. There are many who have written testimonies describing their trips of going to Heaven and Hell. I’ve noticed that many peoples testimonies of them having trips to heaven and hell has greatly intrigued interest to those in the Body of Christ. This is wonderful and I rejoice greatly and understand the wonderful glories of these trips having also myself experience them! But there is something greater than merely experiencing these trips and the supernatural concerning God’s personal assignment for your life and destiny with the Lord that many in the Body of Christ are raving about. But my friend, that’s nothing like experiencing Him face to face in an intimate lifetime relationship. Heaven is real and it is great to experience it, which I will also be sharing with you later concerning my trip to Heaven. But there is something greater than Heaven. He is Heaven! He has provided this intimate relationship for you through His cross and by the Love Covenant that He Himself describes in scripture.

His Covenant With Us of Appearances

Jesus Promised in scripture to appear to you…

“He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.” (John 14:21)
In this passage of scripture Jesus makes it plain of His covenant to “manifest” Himself. This is shown in Jesus saying, “I will love him and will manifest myself to him”. This word “manifest” in this context comes from the Greek word “emphanizo” which means, “To appear to or show one’s self in person”. It also means, “To exhibit in person or to disclose oneself by words”. How awesome this is and it was in scripture all this time before I ever knew or understood what was going on in my life! Jesus was appearing to me but I didn’t understand all of this until years later when He showed me according to scripture. Another thing to note is that this manifestation of the Lord appearing doesn’t necessarily constitute Him appearing were we see Him face to face. But an appearance can take place when He discloses Himself in words to you. In other words, you may be sleep in a dream or awake and you don’t see Him but you hear a voice (His voice) talking to you audibly. This was also called an appearance from the Lord. We see this manifested more in the Old Testament like in the case when He appeared to Moses and disclose Himself to him by words. In this appearance, Moses didn’t literally see the face of God at the burning bush or in the cloud but he heard the voice of the Lord speaking out of the cloud. This is an appearance from the Lord when He manifests Himself to you in the form of words. Paul had this same experience initially from Jesus on the road to Damascus when Jesus appeared to him in the physical realm. A bright light from the Lord’s presence became so brilliant that it knocked him down on the ground as he heard the voice of words. It was the voice of Jesus. This is the same thing that the Lord does to us sometimes when we are in deep sleep and we hear a voice speaking words to us. This is an appearance but not a face to face appearance from the Lord. This type of appearance is known as the Lord manifesting Himself to us by the words of His voice.

Will You Be Called A Fool

“Called A Fool By Jesus For Not Believing In His Face To Face Appearances”

Afterward He appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them who had seen Him after He was risen” (Mark 16:14)
“Then He said unto them O fools, slow of heart and to believe” (Luke 24:25)

Jesus Wants You To Believe In His Appearances

In these passages we see that Jesus was very displeased with the apostles for not believing those who had seen Him or was sent to tell them that they had seen Him after His resurrection. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Even today He is still displeased when His people are slow of heart to believe in His resurrected appearances. The Bible calls this type of unbelief a manifestation of a hardness of heart in men. Those who do not believe in this type of manifestation of the Lord are called fools by Jesus and are highly rebuked by Him. They are upbraided by Him as the Bible says, which is the same word for reproach, meaning “oneidizo” in the Greek that gives the analogy of someone being reviled or railed at by a stern rebuke. The message is simple don’t find yourself in this position with Jesus by your unbelief in His appearances. Believe Him today for this level of relationship for it is yours!