Apostle David E. Taylor


Apostle David E. Taylor is a world renowned ordained minister of the Lord, who has passionately loved and served the Lord with all of his heart for the past 25 years. In doing so, David has drawn the attention of many nations with his powerful teaching and exponential revelation of God’s Word. Miracles, signs, and wonders are manifested in each of his services as a result of his relationship with God.
The ministry that God has called David to has impacted and brought restoration to hundreds of thousands of lives. Blinded eyes see, deaf ears open, bodies leap out of wheelchairs, wombs are opened, marriages are restored, finances are released, the dead are raised, and a countless number of people have been brought into salvation.
Prominent spiritual fathers and leaders from all over the globe continually attest to the authenticity of his dynamic teaching ministry.
David’s ministry grew out of an extraordinary-supernatural and miraculous personal experience with Jesus.
He was born in Memphis, TN., August 3, 1972, and is the seventh of nine children to James and Katie Taylor, and was raised in a loving, Christian, southern home.
However, in his teenage years, he was enticed by, and attracted to, the gang life. He became a thug…and enjoyed the thug lifestyle. He began smoking pot, pushing kilos of cocaine, running the streets, and living a riotous life.
David had heard of Jesus, but had never experienced Him. Like many other young African-American boys in the street, Jesus was only a religious myth whom his parents believed in…that is, until December, 1989. In December, 1989, Jesus Christ personally appeared to David E. Taylor in a dream. This experience immediately and literally transformed his life.
When Jesus appeared to David, He told him to surrender his life and follow Him; and, he did. Experiencing the magnetic love in Jesus’ eyes, and the humility which radiated from His presence, David was instantly captured! In an instant, he repented and received salvation.
Apostle David’s initial encounter with the Lord ignited an unquenchable passion and hunger in his heart to find out more of who the Lord was, and how he could continue to experience Him.
Just as the radical change in Paul was evident to all after his initial face to face experience with Jesus on the road to Damascus, this miraculous and revolutionary change in David was also apparent; it emanated to all he encountered. It was an overnight, 380 degree turnaround! Jesus’ manifested presence completely changed David’s entire life!
Since this initial encounter, Jesus has continued to visit David face to face in dreams, visions, and through trips to Heaven and Hell.
And, because of his face to face relationship with Jesus, David has, for 25 years, made an indelible imprint in his community, throughout the United States, and around the world. He is a strong advocate for, and powerful, positive influence on young African American males in this country, thanks to his experiences and life lessons.
Many of David’s personal encounters are detailed in his best-selling books, “Face to Face Appearances from Jesus: The Ultimate Intimacy” and “My Trip to Heaven: Face to Face with Jesus.”
David E. Taylor’s miracle crusades and services are broadcasted in over 190 countries. Throughout the years, he has used various media outlets (television, radio, Internet) to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of the Kingdom of God. He has also appeared on major broadcast networks including: NBC, ABC, FOX, the Impact Network, Lesea Broadcasting, TBN, and the Word Network with both Pastor Rod Parsley and Bishop George Bloomer.
David is a man of compassion, vision, and integrity. His generosity has led massive humanitarian efforts for the last 25 years, including: Food Banks, where he feeds hundreds of thousands of people each month; financial support in the drilling of wells in countries where the drinking water is scarce; and financing the construction of orphanages. In addition, he has been instrumental in freeing thousands of boys and girls from sexual slavery.
Currently, David is working very aggressively to establish massive treatment and rehabilitation centers for victims of sex-slave trafficking.
Apostle David E. Taylor’s greatest desire is that all humanity come to know Jesus, face to face, and be forever changed just as he was. David knows that Jesus, who lives, and whom we read about in the Bible, is alive and desires to be in relationship with every man, woman, boy and girl.
Out of David’s face to face intimacy with the Lord, the ministry and movement of Joshua Media Ministries International, (JMMI), is 25 years strong, moving forward, and is continuing to spread all over the world.

Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI)

Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI) is a global outreach movement committed to establishing God’s Kingdom through the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel. David E. Taylor has over 1,500 churches under his apostolic leadership, and a growing staff of hundreds of volunteers around the world. The global outreach of God’s Kingdom through JMMI is speedily impacting the nations of the world.
The global outreach of JMMI includes 5 main pillars:
1) Face to Face
2) Dreams: Restoring Honor and Understanding in the 21st Century
3) The Healing and Miracle Outreach
4) Prophecy to America and the World
5) Teaching Ministry

Face to Face

The greatest opportunity of a lifetime is to have contact and intimacy with the Lord, face-to-face, and see Him as He is. When people discover for themselves, according to the Scriptures, that this type of relationship with Him is available today, their life will be completely changed! The Lord has given David E. Taylor a face to face ministry to bring every person into contact and intimacy with Himself. Millions have meet Jesus, face to face, as a result of his God-given ministry!


In 1996, the Lord Jesus appeared to David E. Taylor face to face and divinely commissioned him to restore honor and understanding to His ancient form of communication through dreams. He has been using dreams throughout history to communicate and still uses them today. Since everybody dreams (kings, business-men, fathers, mothers, common people, etc.), it is vitally important for people to understand God’s universal language of dreams. David E. Taylor holds Dream Conferences around the world, teaching people how to interpret their own dreams by demonstrating live dream interpretations.

The Healing and Miracle Ministry

In a world plagued with various sicknesses and diseases, the healing and miracle ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ needs to be displayed and taught to the people more than ever before. The miracle and healing ministry of David E. Taylor (blind eyes open, deaf ears hear, mute tongues speak, the lame walk, the dead live again, etc.) witnesses the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, and is purposed by God to draw people with loving-kindness into His salvation. Broadcasted to 190 nations, David’s healing and miracle crusades brings wholeness to millions around the world.

Prophecy to America and the World

America, founded under the mighty hand of God, and covenanted to be His very own land by our forefathers, is in the greatest fight in history for her destiny and future. David Taylor was visited face to face by the Lord Jesus and shown the terrorists events of 9/11, ten years beforehand. The Lord revealed to him the enemy’s plots and assignments purposed to destroy America. Thousands have been blessed by David E. Taylor’s proven prophetic ministry throughout the years.

Special Teaching Ministry

Through countless hours of prayer, study, and continual Divine involvement, the Lord has taught David, face to face, and has commissioned him from Heaven with a special teaching ministry to restore the ancient message and ministry of the Kingdom of God on the earth. David E. Taylor teaches the true message of the Kingdom, the ancient power that the men of old walked in, and how to bring it back into the 21st century church. Fathers, leaders, and elders in the Body of Christ continue to attest to this special teaching ministry upon his life.

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